Noda is a developer of software solutions for BPO and Captive call centers. Ever since 2001, the company has offered its specialized product designed for mid-level and major call centers: Noda Contact Center.
Noda Contact Center is the company’s own all-in-one (C++, Java) IP solution. Today more than 350 contact centers exploit Noda’s solution. Among company’s customers are Jaguar Landrover, Inter RAO, MTS, Rostelecom, AVIVA, EFES, FLEETCOR, Amadeus, Karcher, and Zepter International. Noda won the Crystal Headset® CCG Call Center Awards for five times: as the “Best Product for Сall Сenters” 2012, 2015, 2016 and as the “Best Project . .


Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt

Telephone: +2 022694804