2004 Establishment
Finnet Limited is engaged in offshore software development, web design, data analysis, and benchmarking to a handful of strategic digital media clients. Group provides Software, Application, Design, Consultancy and Data and Digital Media products and services to its customer base since 2005. Major customers include Mindshare Mena, DMGT (Daily Mail Group), Asset International Inc, AIP Corp, etc

2008 First product
Finnet started building its first product – SaaS apps, and Launched in 2010 Workforce track ERP beta product, which was later rebranded as ERP, with the strap line – “Simply Manage Your Business” (Registered Trademark)

Over 400 customers
(So far company has over 400 active customers (about 300+ companies using, total user base exceeds over 4,000 to date) and has core service only clients in Publishing and Digital, and web and mobile software sectors – mainly as off-shoring and subcontracting services



Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt

Telephone: +2 022694804