Micro Value add Distributor Specialized in Communication and Information Technology Working in Nile Countries

We are

First regional Distributor focus on Mid-Market specifically

We are

First Distributor focus on Africa and Nile Countries specifically
About us

we have diversity of manufactures origins from Asia | Europe | North America targeting Africa Market.

  • Microvad Nile Distribution is specialized in Telecommunication , Infrastructure, Information & Physical Security solutions. Microvad Catalogue has diversity of Manufacturers origins from Asia | Europe | North America targeting Africa Market. http://www.microvad.com/solutions .
  • Microvad Professional Services deliver design , implementation , support and consultancy services across ICT technologies . In add to Advanced specialized New services to African Market. http://www.microvad.com/services/
  • Microvad Green Academy in Africa represents global institutions to deliver a unique online training catalogue . http://www.microvad.com/academy/
  • Microvad sells Technology Products Online
    @ Microvad Online Store :
  • Micro Value added Distributor specialized in communication and information technology Based on Egypt.
  • Philosophy of its existence being an entrepreneur VAD with mixture of difference and excellences by deploying ideas out of the box.
  • Has a brand catalogue created based on new comer vendors to Africa & serving Mid-Market & SOHO segment specifically.
  • Builds In-house capabilities for mid-market ICT resellers to sell, design, and install new solutions away from classic manufacturers.
  • Works in Africa through HQ Based in Cairo .
  • Establishes in Africa a new generation of specialized Mid-market & SOHO Value added Distributor.
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  2. Green Academy

  3. Professional Services

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Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt

Telephone: +2 022694804